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Friday Rambles

We haven’t had the best run of surf and weather have we? I mean sitting in the Bondi car park hiding from the rain watching a handful of dudes scrapping over 1-2 foot mush at Bondi was kinda a desperate sight. Not one bit of me wanted to be out there.

They say the swell is going to get bigger today – hope so, it can continue to rain, cool with that – just something decent to ride. Sunday is going to be sunny and 26!

Potato Head

Most of you have been to Bali. If you’re going this summer, Bali has a new beach club called Potato Head. It’s good. They’re also hosting a New Year’s Eve Party and you can buy your tickets here. I’m sure it will get loose on the Island of the Gods…so write that one down.


Our Aquabumps Gallery is open every day for now, 10am to 6pm. You can come in, pick up some artworks that are in stock for Christmas presents or grab a cup of tea, peruse our online catalogues, use our web framing/cost calculators, then checkout using our shipping calculators – yep, all the while your boss thinks you are a good little punter doing your work. Or you can go to a nice big shopping mall fight a grannie for a car park, and join the queues.

Later :: uge

Charging (he didn't make it)




A nice place to be...

This is Bondi today around 7 a.m.

12 thoughts on “Friday Rambles

  1. Potato Head is good once you are in. But talk about attitude with the door staff. It’s so something Bali doesn’t need. Not sure I’ll ever go back given the cr*p I experienced.

  2. the stark contrast between the indo shots and bondi this morning was the best laugh I’ve had for days. Someone has to come up with a new name for surfing in Sydney. Cause most of the time, surfing it aint. Love the daily email. Cheers

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more there Geoff. But then on the positive side we are lucky to be living in a city with so many beautiful beaches on our doorstep…

  4. i’ve got a new name for surfing in sydney in the eastern suburbs…..gay.
    north curly has been fun as anything for the past few days, no one out

    1. Whats with the Bondi bagging today? Yeah we know Bondi ain’t the best wave in the country – it does get good from time to time – but most of all, like Curl Curl has a ‘wave’ around 345 days a year. It’s very consistent joint, which is one of the reason why I blog it. Oh, yes, we have crowds. big ones. If you surf weekends you will probably lose your mind, I don’t. I surf during the week and try surf out of town on the weekends to keep my sanity.

  5. Sheesh . nothing I’ve ever written before has started such a storm of replies . I just thought the last shot today was a great guffaw after the preceding indo remoteness. And yeah , surfing in Sydney , anywhere in Sydney is …special. settle folks.

  6. Uge your killing the black and whites! Amazing job man! Take note peeps, this is how to make a bad day look good! Love it!

  7. bondi Bronte and tama is not “gay” you just gotta know how to surf it
    I’ve had some great sessions in onsore mess

  8. Wow i see i’m not alone in the bondi hate club, used to love it now its just overrated but luckily that keeps my local beach clear from the crowds which seem to flock to bondi 24/7

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