Tamarama 7:30am Luke Wyllie on the peak


Howdy. We’ve currently got a mini-north windswell breaking with north winds best at north facing beaches. Bondi did have a little fun one on the incoming tide, but low tide will ruin that. It’s not amazing, very weak (1-2 ft) – but they say it should get bigger later tonight. Now that’s good to hear.

Enjoy the warm weather until tomorrow where it all changes. Come see the Aquabumps Gallery if you’re coming down the beach or call us 9130 7788 if you have any questions.

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Paul Fitzgerald the Chemist - always down at Tama

Bondi crowds up real early (6:30am)

A man and a bird

Luke Wyllie, morning hooks


Paul Fitzgerald, out surfing every single day

4 thoughts on “Backwash

  1. Caught a great doco today, Fibreglass and Megapixels. Opens your eyes about surf photogs in Hawaii – and puts some of Mr Tan’s moans about the Bondi rip into perspective!

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