Bronte Pool Neon - 5am today


I was up real early today. I small human called Jet was mainly to blame…I think the lil’ man saw the pink horizon glow seeping in through the blinds. For a very short moment, before sunrise, the sky was glowing neon pink. The rest of the morning was overcast and dark. We’ve got a NE swell, it’s small and weak and a little junkie. The winds are also NE, howling 20 knots. Tonight there will be a violent south change – it will blow 30 knots, so bring the washing in off the line.

South swell tomorrow – let’s hope there is something decent on it.

:: uge

Bronte 6:10am Luke Daniels

Tama, inbetween sets

Bronte 6:10am, double grab

Reef hugger

The flakey right handers of Tama

The neon gates of Bronte pool

27 thoughts on “neon

  1. These photos are sick.

    Im moving to Sydney for a year in Jan from Ireland.. Seeing your photos everyday makes me so excited and happy! Can’t wait to get over there for some surf and to check out your gallery!

  2. Pat – if you want to advertise your blog…am sure you could just ask Uge – as for going off?? a few sh*tty close outs in the harbour does not constitute going off in anyones books!

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