Last night, Bondi 9pm - Tron, bottom turn


Today is the 1st day of summer – coulda fooled me. The southerlies have rolled into town and temperatures are back into the 15-20 range. The SE wind is howling 30 knots and the bay is full of white caps and sloshy foam. I didn’t see a single surfer out this morning – now that is saying something. Hopefully when it all dies back there will be some clean fun little waves to surf.

Last night was quite something down at Bondi. Fireworks, night surfing in Tron suits with LED surfboards that glow. Wow, only in Bondi. I swam out there to snap some shots of the ‘Tron’ surfers of the night. No we didn’t see any sharks (seems to be a frequently asked question after swimming at Bondi for 1.5 hrs in the night)

Seeya :: uge

Fireworks to kick off summer

Cool eh? Need one of those suits to go out in

Team wave

Bondi last night 8pm, Lifeguard Corey Oliver heading out off the Icebergs

Got lucky with a lil' right in front of the 'bergs

Wal, the night surfing pro

25 thoughts on “TRON

  1. Next time someone ask about sharks, just tell them “Yep heaps of them, more and more every year, best stay out of the water” 😉

  2. I’m gutted to have missed this last night due to working in the city till 9 🙁 man I’m glad I have aqua bumps!!! Thanks uge for capturing this stuff!! It brights my day every morning

  3. Looks very tough to shoot in the water at night, with little to no light….. yet you have been able to get some wonderful images, job well done Uge! Love the Tron bottom turn

  4. thanks Uge, maybe our Christmas New Year celebrations at the beach need something like this rather than the very unbeachlike and anti community events we now have!

  5. Yewww. We were there watching our friend Jane ripping it in those grubber waves.

    We saw you walk past Uge, but were too star struck to say hi haha.

  6. I love the neon surfing shots and I loved your amazing pink sky you took at Bronte yesterday!
    It was SO beautiful!
    I look forward to seeing your new shots each day!

  7. Brilliant pictures Uge now that is Aussie surfing on the cutting edge….. Thanks for making the UK miserable cold mornings a little brighter..Skips

  8. We were watching the fireworks from our balcony with no idea what they were for now I wish I went down amazing stuff Uge …will there be night surfing again I want an invite to watch! Love your work very jealous when I see you down there in the mornings as I am leaving the beach to head to work!

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