Bronte 7am, the best option


In the 1 hour of roaming the beaches of the east I took 4 photos. That’s odd (I normally shoot around 60). Barely anyone surfing the 2 footers on offer, the sky was dark grey and generally another quiet onshore beach day.

Bondi was looking horrible with the southerly tearing it apart @ 25 knots – no one out. Bronte had a lil’ sumpin’…a bump that you could ride. Didn’t see anything else.

Go windsurfing – that looks like more fun today. Windy tomorrow too!

Not long until Christmas. 12 days to be exact. And guess what – our gallery is open! 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW T91307788. If you’re wondering what to give all your clients – our book? We’ve got plenty.

bye :: uge

Morning swimmer Bronte

Bondi - not looking the best

Bronte Pool - morning dip

Last week's sunshine - where have you gone?

This is what you'll see after a big night at the Anchor (shot last week)

5 thoughts on “hello

  1. The waves were truelly awful this morning, the worst in a long time. When are we going to get sunny conditions and light offshore winds and 3ft waves, it’s getting boring now………I’m writing off the summer!

  2. Am sorry to hear about yr poor beachy weather-spare a thought for the Bondi freaks in UK we re starin at 3 months of Y(UK) weather over here! My heart goes out to u out there tho..chin up!! X

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