Bondi yesterday, around 1pm - the big storm and a little boat


Yesterday was an amazing day. Biblical. The day started with perfect sunshine, great waves and then by 1pm the raging southerly front rolled in from out to sea – and I don’t think it’s stopped raining or blowing since.

Wow. It was one of the most intense storms I’ve seen.

Today – well, in comparison, it’s boring. The waves are onshore mush, I saw one guy, a Chinese tourist fully dressed trying to go for a swim (not recommended) – but that was about it down there this morning. I didn’t even shoot as sticking a lens out of the car window with pelting rain ain’t much fun.

Byron Bay wonder Kieren Perrow won big Pipe yesterday. Insert Clap.

The Reef” a mash up of talented men – Jon Frank, Richard Tognetti and Mick Sowry travelled from Darwin to Perth this year, making music, movies and surfing along the way to form a mixed media performance. Tickets on sale tomorrow, 1 show only at the Sydney Opera House. Will be good.

The Aquabumps gallery is open today. Good thing about this rain is you’ll probably get a park right out the front. Telephone 02 9130 7788 or email us any Christmas Present questions. We are open until 6pm every day.

Looking towards Tamarama, the intense front

Tanker about to get hammered

Big boat and little boat followed by the storm

Amazing cloud formations

14 thoughts on “biblical

  1. Living in Denmark – we do not have ‘real’ weather (similar to London drizzal). Miss the southerly-s alot. Great to have your ‘fotos’ every day.
    Jane (Anna’s twin-sos)

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