Bronte 7:30am, reef rights


There is swell, quite a chunky one and from the south, but it’s still not doing it. C’mon.

It’s 4-5 foot, a tad too big for the banks at Bondi to handle. The flanking south winds seem to be causing havoc as well….there is plenty of junky chop out there.

Bondi had a couple of guys, they didn’t get much.

Bronte had a handful, they got some, wobbly ones…worth getting wet for.

Ok, Xmas is 10 days away and you have present anxiety. We can help. If you order a Aquabumps Book today online, we will NEXT DAY POST it so most main city areas will have it tomorrow. Yep tomorrow. You can have a different shipping address to billing (whoa), so we can just send it directly to your friends and family – or even clients. Too easy! Otherwise if you have time, we have plenty of stock, frames, books all under the Aquabumps gallery roof in Bondi. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach.

Adios :: ugios

Pool paddle out

Big set take off

Wall of water

Washing the morning head fog away

Bronte 7:10am dancing down the line

Reef Chewer

20 thoughts on “chunk

  1. Oh and i have to get you to please sighn my magazine there is a photo of you in there as a cannon ambassador. I will come down as soon as my leg is healed

  2. tommy and jnas….

    u r both idiots
    can’t recall seeing any good photos on either of your websites…
    coz u don’t have one !

    bondi blows but uge shows there’s still life there to be had…

    keep up the gr8 work and ignore those knobheads ay!

  3. Gazza, so sorry for voicing my opinion on this public forum. Uge is a great photographer and I expect nothing less than awesome from him. I’ve given him praise in the past, but for your sake we shall keep our mouths shuts unless our opinions happen to agree with yours.

  4. To uge and Sydney siders, Im sure there are more beautiful spots around Australia…however you do get some amazing diversity on your coastline. Be very glad in what you have because there is a lot of the coast that is boring most days. Cheers again for the shots Uge – local Somerton Park in S.A. guy!

  5. I welcome my daily email with great photos
    It makes me want to jump on a plane and come over from Auckland
    Your ‘biblical’ series was quite remarkable

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