Bronte 7am - Caleb Reid - outer orbit

The Sydney Eye

MMM, another grey day here in Sydney. Looks like we’re going for a record… I can hear the pitta-patter on the tin roof now as yet another squall passes by. The surf looks small and junkie this morning – the beach relatively empty. Bondi not great, Bronte had a few on offer – but it wasn’t as good as local Caleb Reid made it look in these photos shot around 7am. No one surfs Bronte better. You or I would take off, crack a lucky frontside stab and then flap around in the white water.

The Eye

With all the rain and average surf conditions lately I ventured away from the coast (only for a short while – don’t worry) and was lucky enough to shoot from the new Sydney Tower Eye. It’s a great vantage point to shoot Sydney as its 309 metres high – that’s double the Harbour Bridge! It’s also the first place in Sydney to see the sunrise. You can even see Bondi from up there. Below are some shots from my walk around the tower…you can do the same sky walk that I did – safely chained to a rail so you don’t blow off. Have a look

Keep dry :: uge

Park people, shot from 309 metres up

Bronte 7:20am K-Leb finding the pocket

St. Marys shot from the Eye

Tight squeeze

1st place to see the sunrise - The Sydney Tower Eye

View of the Harbour from the Eye

18 thoughts on “The Sydney Eye

  1. Uge, the last photo, did yo take that from out on the deck? Second question, is everyone allowed a camera out there or only you?

  2. Hey! I’m a big fan and amatuer photographer from the US. I wish you were taking interns! keep up the great work!

  3. With all this shitty weather Uge, what about slipping a ‘hot’ shot in from previous summers? Agree with Tom; St Mary’s looks like a lego model…..amazing :)>

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