Hawaii, Pipeline. Been cranking over here

Live Aloha

Aloha. We’re in Hawaii. Love it here.

We are based on the North Shore and I can see a guy in a Pipe tube as I write this.

We’re going to be here a while, for something new and until Sydney stops raining. (wow, heard about them storms last night!)

It’s been pumping in Hawaii over the past few days. The swell that this little island attracts is ridiculous. It’s basically a rock sticking out of the middle of the Pacific and swells break unhindered along the North Shore.

Oh and it’s gonna get real big here. I can already feel the shack shaking with the pounding swells out front.

Adios :: uge

Pipeline, Hawaii - blue tube

Near Pipe, sunset crowds leaving for the day

The thick lip


Dodging sets

Last out.

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