Pipe, end section blast - Kapow!


Hey there. We’re still on ‘The Rock’ … Hawaii that is. This volcanic island beauty sitting out in the middle of the Pacific attracting so much swell – especially at this time of year. I guess there is nothing around to block swell and the islands pretty much stick right out of the ocean – in the middle of absolutely no where…

Nearly a million people live here on Oahu – where the famous North Shore resides. The island is made up of so many different races, but it seems many are Japanese, Chinese or Filipino origin. Centuries ago they came out here to work on the sugar cane fields on western boats – now they own most of the local businesses. So you’ll get your shaved ice from Matsumoto’s, or medicines from Long’s or maybe Wong’s…

Anyway, have a good week. I’ll be working on my tan :: uge

Hawaii, North Shore roundness

Oh boy there is some nice beaches here.

Hawaii - Shorebreaker Hollows

Banzai Pipeline - a big set (came out of nowhere)

Ehukai, Flores and his little buddies going out for a arvo shred

Hawaii, Pupakea, this is how the day ended

16 thoughts on “H.I.

  1. Hey Uge, Like you I take and see many photos but your work is a constant inspiration, I love getting such beauty hit my inbox, it always provides a lift in my day and those latest shots from Hawaii are simply stunning (especially no. 5 in the set), Keep up the awesome work. Andrew

  2. Wow! Looks like Hawaii is top of the list for new places to go after your fab pix.. Can t get enough of them..ever considered going into the holiday industry uge..? Would be another winner for sure…

  3. Hey Uge,
    Don’t know if you’re already published in the style I’m proposing but with your photographic talent, editorial ability and penchant for finding great beach locations in the Pacific, I wish you would publish a coffee table style book with the destinations, places to stay and recap on the local surrounds so we can either live vicariously or take on your tips! Your Indo tip was great!
    Have you seen the “Hip Hotels’ range?
    Do you have such a book available?

  4. On the second last pic, is there a certain effect you are using or is it just the perfect usage of the sun?
    Either way, it looks amazing!!

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