Hawaii, Wifie cooling off

: : d u n k

I thought I’d never say it, but I am surfed out…

The waves in Hawaii have been consistently above head high for weeks now – I’ve filled my quota.

Today was small(ish) so I decided to go beneath the surface for a look around. This is what I found.

The Volcom Pipe Pro waiting period starts today. Day 1 is a Layday. Looks like some swell coming in 2 days time (Wed here, Thurs in Oz). Kelly Slater has rocked up…not sure if he’s surfing in it, but I bet if the waves turn on – yes, he will be out there just to get Pipe without the crowds.

Adios :: u g e

PS – got an ear infection – so no water shots for a few days…torture!

Hawaii - Air walker

Hawaii, bubble girl

Hawaii, Mark my neighbor ducking under

Hawaii, dive

Hawaii - headache

Hawaii, set dodge

11 thoughts on “: : d u n k

  1. These are amazing. Made my day!
    Also, I’m looking to buy a Nikon D3100, and as a young kid looking to go further in photography i was wandering if you could give me some advice with a camera choice. I have a Nikon Coolpix S9100, and looking to upgrade. Also, I don’t really want to spend too much…… Help? 🙂

  2. Hey thanks everybody. Let’s hope the infected ear gets better in a day or so, so I can shoot more in the water.
    Hope the sun is shining back in Sydney…and the waves pumping. Mahalo, uge

      1. Hey Phil – 1st week when it was 8-10 foot the Da Hui Shoot out was on (no photogs in the water allowed)
        2nd week – shot a few days out the back – was around 8 foot but was more interested in surfing! its been pumping.
        The volcom pro starts now, so no photogs in the water again…well not close the break – ok if miles out in the channel.
        Got no problem swimming out there…

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