Peek-a-boo, Bra's Blake Thornton grinding in the back of the cave

Daily Distractor

Sittin’ behind the office desk this week would have been very distracting with all that is going on outside. Not only is the weather 10 out of 10, but the waves have been pumping.

Today it looks like that solid East swell, that has been here all week, is finally subsiding. I found 2 footers down at Maroubra, with the odd 3 foot set reminiscent of yesterday. Swimming around this morning with my camera was a pleasure.

It’s warm, now. Gonna be maximum of 26 degrees and perfectly sunny in Sydney. I don’t care where you are today, but you should at least spend 1 hour outside soaking up the day…in the park, on the beach or out the back. It’s just too good.

North Bondi SLSC revamp

If you’ve been paying attention down the beach, you’d have seen the demountable buildings going up beside North Bondi Surf Club, a sure sign the old club is about to be demolished. I know the clubbies put the flags up on the best banks but they still do a great job keeping the kiddies and tourists safe.

If you’d like to make a tax deductable donation to their building fund for the new club house go here or check out what The Block’s Scott Cam and Packed to the Rafters’ star Michael Caton have to say about putting your money where your mouth is for the Bondi community. Watch

ciao :: uge

PS – the auctions on ebay for my old cameras end today


Maroubra 6:50am, the morning green

Maroubra, Blake frontside fin flasher

Stylemaster gettin' into some green

Maroubra 7am, lip highlight

Sun soak

5 thoughts on “Daily Distractor

  1. Great glistening gold assist from the Unit Block for a 7 am take off spot in Maroubra

    Love this time of year in Sydernee

  2. Greetings from Tallahassee, FL USA! I visit your blog every day and LOVE your work. I hope to visit Australia one day and when I do, I’ll have to Bondi for myself. Although I’m not there today, I’m distracted just from looking at your pictures! 🙂

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