Go for a dip


The swell retreated and the ocean has returned to its calm state. Waves broke around your waistline at Bondi this morning, nothing special. The sun was the hero of the morning, again. It’s belting out 25 degrees today – who needs summer with days like these.

A new swell should arrive on Sunday, so you won’t go dry for long. In the meantime, you should check out Tim Bonython’s Immersion Surf Films at the North Bondi RSL tonight. Kicks off at 8pm Thurs 10 May, 1 night only (in Bondi) and buy tickets online to save mulla. Ok, can get em on the door as well.

Enjoy :: uge

Better get to work

Bondi cripsy clean sunrise

She must be impressive

Garrick, winding up for a section

Bondi 7am, shoreline shadows

Bondi Dribbles

7 thoughts on “Conclusion

  1. Hey dudes,

    Who were the water photogs out at Tama this morning (maybe father-son combo??)? Not wanting to cross-promote here Uge but was wondering if they have a webiste or anything? Pretty sure I alley Oop’ed one of them while he was on rapid fire!!


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