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Friday Fix

Two weeks ago we did a road trip through some of New Zealand’s spectacular beaches with our guide, Kiwi surf legend, Maz Quinn. N-Zed is such a under-rated surf destination with so many good setups, I’ll be back for sure. The photos I took on the roadie were very popular with you all, so I hope you enjoy the video, hot off the press. Special thanks to Land Rover for the comfy wheels and Tourism NZ for the hospitality. See video

Back to Bondi. Strange morning down the beach today. Forecast said sunny and 26 degrees with 1-2 footers. It was sunny at first, then it clouded over and rained and the waves progressively got better with the tide pushing in. Nice rip bowl right that may throw out a chest high set wave. Fickle though. The forecast is very small tomorrow but something cooking for Sunday. Winds will be roaring offshore and the winter temperatures will return.

Our little mates at Springcourt are having a big sale today and tomorrow (only at their Surry Hills Crib)

Seeyouse :: uge

Bondi 7am, Mal rider enjoying the fruits of morning sunshine

Dust stirrers, Bondi 6:45am

Today's version of colour splash over Benny Buckler

From above

Man, that's some fury legs

Golden Clouds

18 thoughts on “Friday Fix

  1. Great video Uge. Music selection, the editing, the ability to capture the beauty of NZ took me away from my desk for a few minutes. Love it.

  2. Got to get to NZ for some surfing and snowboarding…and we will all soon know vans are the new suv’s anyway!

  3. That is a frothingly good video Uge!!

    I love people who froth, frothers I like to call them. Really good nice people, who are only too happy to help out a desperate surfer looking for waves or pictures. Pitty other, non-forthers have lost the right-path.


  4. Uge inspiring NZ pics & vid captured the beauty and spirit of unzud surf, environment & surfers ..loved it. My wife is Kiwi we get back there every 2nd year from our home in west oz. Looking forward to the next visit.

  5. Uge – Great shots again, love the shot from above because I can’t work out how you did it?!

    BTW – I often repin your shots to my board on Pinterest. You have to get yourself set up, free and another way to get eyes on your shots and people in the gallery. People can follow you and repin your shots, and then people following them will see your pics and they will repin onto their boards, and then people following them will repin on their boards etc etc the potential reach is incredible. More importantly the original URL stays with the pic as it’s repinned so copyright is not an issue.

    It’s cool and great for artists/photographers, you should check it out. You can also pin vids.


  6. You left out the best part of NZ for an Aussie – the exchange rate. Also, take the deisel ($1.55 ltr) option over petrol ($2.20) if you’re driving.

  7. Uge,

    Don’t listen to the haters regarding the Land Rover in the video. I appreciate your efforts to show me a glimpse of paradise every day and if I have to watch a Land Rover in the piece then so be it.

    To the others, this bloke is running a passionate business that supports his family. Leave the negative comments at the door.



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