Benny Buckler’s Angry Face, Today 7:45am


After two days of roaring winds and wild seas finally it’s calming down out there.

It’s still big, but far from good. A handful of locations will be on fire today, mainly out of town. Bondi struggles with these big ones. Especially when the swell is rogue and wobbly as it is now. I saw a couple of guys paddle out early, but they returned to shore shortly after.

Today is the day to make your move. Pack the car and drive out of Sydney…as I am guessing late today, or better tomorrow, the surf will turn on…and it will be magic for a couple of days in these favourable winds.

Seeya :: uge

It’s amazing what a strong wind can do to the beach.

Still rogue sets closing out the bay

Ramsgate Avenue

Go the swannies

The left at North Bondi. He caught 1 wave and went in.

The clean-up process is under away.

13 thoughts on “Settle

  1. even better if they demolished the promenade and car parks and let the sand return to sand dunes with spinifex as a natural store for better banks. Ever wondered why Maroubra has consistenlty better banks than Bondi?

  2. Uge, love the shot of the silhouette swannies. Truly a shot out of the usual, though I still like the usual. Keep’em coming mate.


  3. I saw that lumberjack from the second photo get a stand up pit this morning without getting his beard wet

  4. We’re struggling to get a summer here in the UK and you’re heading into winter but i love the daily pics of Bondi-takes me back to super hols we had there in 2010. Hope yr winter passes soonest!!
    Huge thanks to Uge-wonderous pics always. X

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