The inside out…Cooper Griffin slotted

Below Blues

Just like every other day on this trip we’ve scored good waves and great weather again…it has been pretty special up here this past week…3 swells in 11 days. Can’t ask for more than that.

I just spent the afternoon below the surface with my camera, swimming around looking for interesting things to shoot. This is what I found.

Adios :: u g e

Jim Olivier gives chase

The pounding

Slipping underneath


Blue paddler

Something curvy. Check out the fins at the bottom

18 thoughts on “Below Blues

  1. I agree with Adam, last photo “something curvy” is awesome! Thanks for the daily goodz Uge! Much appreciated…

  2. Would love to see an underwater/behind the wave pic like this that captures how close the surfer really is to razor sharp reef sometimes. Something I have never seen, but we have all been there uge!

  3. Hey Uge,
    Very glad to find this site, love that last wave, esp the parabolic theme. Will someday have a print of it on my wall (When I can afford it!)

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