Electric blue tubes of Lance’s (aka Htees)


If you ever make your way to this part of the world I am pretty sure you’ll see Lance’s left or right. All boats stop by here for a day or so…kinda like tourist attraction No.1 for the Mentawais. It’s the one of the world’s best rights, machined to perfection offering a high performance tube for very experienced surfers only. If you take off on the top peak you have no option but to test your nerves and pull into a fast moving hollow tube before exiting on the surgeon’s table (shallow reef at the end). At low tide it’s a lethal place…one wrong move and you could be begging for mercy on the exposed reef as an 8 foot set approaches. If you’d been here – you’ll know what I mean.

The left ain’t too bad either, a little less intense…

Adios :: uge

Portuguese charger ready for action

Village life

Griggsy, Lance’s left pocket burner

The right doing its thing



8 thoughts on “Lances

  1. your pics put wind in my sails, lift me up for the day, breath in my heart……. absolutely love it !!!!!

      1. Hi Uge, Trying to send you a photo of a blazingly red Bondi sunrise. How can I get it to you?


  2. hey Uge,

    I am wondering if it’s possible to stay in the Mentawais with my young family for a month or two? Is it safe enough to travel with a 2 year old? What about accommodation for this long, is it economical?


  3. Hi! How can i add a friend to the mailing list? He is a surfer and he also wants to begin his morning with these beautiful pictures! Thanks!!

    1. Nairooz, just put their email address in the subscription box on the top right hand corner of this website. thanks, uge

  4. Hi Uge,
    I always love your surf reports – I can’t surf and I’m in the UK so I can’t “use” the surf news, but your shots remind me of good times in Australia and I’ve kept up my subscription for YEARS now! Whether you’re home or away, you always capture some amazing moments, so when I saw this selection from the Royal Geographical Society’s travel photography competition, I thought of you. I know you might have already seen them, but I just thought you would like them – hope you do!


    Alexandra – in grey and dismal Guildford, Surrey.

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