Tapping into the Vault, Mentawai Islands

Final Voyage

We spent 12 days at sea surfing 12 different surf breaks amongst 3 overlapping swells in the Mentawais. We had 7 surfers on board the 47-foot Tengirri catching on average 40-50 waves each per day, sometimes more. Most days we’d surf 3 times on waves no smaller than 3 foot and no bigger than 8 foot. Needless to say, we had a pretty amazing tour of the islands – my 15th trip there and I still don’t bore of the place. I even saw new stuff on this trip.

If you’d like to go on a charter like this book with Tengirri, one of the most professionally run boats in the islands. You’ll need 6 or 7 people and there are 2 available charters left for this year, 8-20 Sept and 20 Oct – 1 Nov. Email Anthony@tengirri.com otherwise lock in next year!

See you back in Bondi :: uge

Untouched, crystal clear idyllic beaches. No tourists here!

One of the last shots before the Black Hawk down…


Underwater monkeys

The Tengirri boiz on their way home

See you back in Bondi

16 thoughts on “Final Voyage

  1. Some of your best pics yet Uge-rich melting seas and sun. Black Hawk was wonderful-RIP…
    Looking forward to Bondi scenes soon… Thanks so much, from your pic addicts in UK.

  2. Shoooots. Those are some stunning images, as always. I am so jealous. One day I’ll surf waters like that.

  3. Hi Uge

    Awesome shots again. Particularly love the first one.

    Keep pumping them out.


    elixeer (IG)

  4. My goodness, you sure nailed it, so much so I feel like I’ve been on holiday and now I’m bummed about going home. It really is amazing how consistently good your pics are Uge, I just do not get sick of looking at them.

    1. Nice one, thanks everyone for your comments today. Really appreciate them. Good to be back too – cold here!

  5. uge
    thanx for the bumps.
    umm, do beer farts look different in underwater than say a apple juice fart. or a taco bell fart, i could go on. peace cya.
    jason christian tucker.

  6. uge,
    man thats still on my favorite list, almost as much as /indian glass believe it or not i’m still looking for a place to hang that. hope it’s still around when i find it.
    thanx again as allways.

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