A lady and a bird, Cryongenically frozen before the sun came up


Over the past two weeks, on my tropical sabbatical, I’ve haven’t worn much more than a pair of boardies. I’m back in Bondi now and this morning had to layer up before venturing out of the house… IT IS FREEZING! It’s only 9 degrees as I write this now. Gotta be snow in ‘dem mountains.

The surf is dribbling infrequently knee to a short man’s waist line. Good for the loggers. I saw a guy paddle out at 6:30am in boardies. Now that is keen. He deserves a medal.

Today is the smallest day of the week. From tomorrow onwards there should be swell and fun. The biggest day will be Wednesday with double head high waves. Thursday looking good too! Get all your work out of the way today enabling you for some free time later when the swell arrives.

Adios :: oogie

Logger lines, South Bondi before sunrise

Bondi 6:45am, Sunrise stretch

A very green lone tree in front of Packer's joint

Bondi 7:30am, winter shine

OKAExFEEL? Is that a typo? Russian?

Morning jogger

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