Surf anyone? Ok, back to work


It’s amazing what a difference 24 hours can make. Right now it’s raining and the beach is completely empty. The onshore winds are smashing anything resembling a wave and everyone is off to work.

This same SE onshore wind will create swell for the tail end of the week. So be patient, wait for it to die back. Tomorrow it backs off to 7 knots SSE (surfable at Bondi) but Thursday looks to have an offshore early (W).

Until the surf conditions line up, you gotta watch this, or maybe book your little Mentawai Junket for 2013 or I noticed they hot mixed Bondi Road hill last night, perfectly smooth for the skatey.

I couldn’t get enough passable photos on this rainy day, so here is some from yesterday and Indo last week.

Out :: uge

Bondi 7:45am Nope, nothing to see down here

This morning, 8am, storm outlet swimmer

Bondi yesterday, golden scallops

Walking on sunshine of yesterday

The Almond shaped Indo hollows

I was just here...Mentawais fun

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