Bondi 7am, gold plated, 24 carat shoreline

24 karat

It all kicked off today with a gold-plated morning around 7:10am. The clouds broke open for a brief moment and the bay was flooded with 24 karat rays. Quite the spectacle. This time of year the light is clean, crisp and gold – my favourite. The sun rises over the Ben Buckler when in its winter position – great side on light and golden shorelines.

As predicted the winds backed off but it’s still onshore. It’s overhead high, sometimes head and a half. The waves looked junkie, agitated from the recent storm. Most of the waves I saw this morning closed out as Bondi can’t even handle this size. Tomorrow a NE wind will clean it up in the afternoon…surf then.

Ciao :: uge


Bay of gold

Tori Gorman's last swim session before battling the English channel

Wishful thinking


Golden fire

6 thoughts on “24 karat

  1. Bay of Gold – captured that moment perfectly when the sun broke through.
    Right place at the right time, Uge, well done!

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