Rogue offshores of Bondi Beach


Sorry about the late transmission. No… I haven’t been surfing all morning, even if the waves are the best they’ve been all week long.

Finally the winds have swung offshore and the swells are lining up. Bondi at sunrise was very dark with thick cloud cover and a handful of dudes surfing mostly closeouts mixed in with the odd barrel. I saw some nice sand formations down south end. My theory is that every time we put something on the beach, a Olympic Volley Ball Stadium or Ice skating rink – we get good sand banks out the back. You with me on that?

Bronte also looked fun this morning, some waves overhead high.

Seeya :: uge

Bondi 7am, best get in that thing

Nice right at Bronte

Bondi 7:00am Fast rights

Bronte, nice line up

Bronte, sneaky shot

Coconut - down at Bondi every morning

5 thoughts on “Spruce

  1. they are incredible what has happend to the comments uge?
    That first one is forshore going up in the shop

  2. uge
    very cool. thanx i hope you guys are green. that surf wind is fresh but i don’t know. i ain’t ready to go but some times i think of breathing. be a shame.

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