Maroubra, about 2 hrs ago, Blake Thornton


Today it’s all about surfing as the waves are pretty good (but the light not so good).

This week’s south swell had dissipated and a new, clean, fresh ENE swell arrived switching on joints like The Bra.

It’s around head high on sets, predominantly chest high. Winds are offshore, so it’s lining up nicely.

My guess is that it will stay like this for today and part of tomorrow, fade on Sunday until a new swell hits Tuesday, kinda big too (over head high).

Today is the last day of financial year, maybe you need some artwork for the office? See you in the Aquabumps Gallery today 10-6. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach

Enough ramble :: uge

This image will probably motivate you to go surfing

Blake puttin' out some heat

Maroubra, barrel avoidance

BT hooks

The Bra 8am, left tubes

Dunny B Speedies

3 thoughts on “EOFY

  1. hey, your photos are amazing!! I love surf photography but have a really shitty camera. What camera would you suggest??

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