Bondi 7:30am, shadow man


We’ve got a fresh new supply of South swell in town. Waves are currently breaking above your heads, which is nice.

Shame about the wonk…this new swell is wobbly as, needing time to sort itself out.

Tomorrow will get even bigger…the biggest day in 2 weeks. I’d expect to see double head high waves tomorrow. You won’t be able to surf Bondi at that size, it will just shut down, but other options may present themselves.

Will this swell run up the beach and have a go at the Ice Skating Rink we’ve currently got set up down there…like previous years.

We have joined forces with Speedo to put out a new range of boardies and bikinis for this summer. They are looking great – especially on Rachel Finch. Our range will hit the stores 1st August 2012. Click here for sneak peak.

Ciao :: uge

Sam McIntosh, dicing open some morning wonk

Big Brother is watching

Rights in the corner


Head high waves today!

High trimmings

6 thoughts on “Wobble

  1. I found a mal wedged in the sth rocks this morning – assuming someone is missing there little log? if so let me know – it wants to go home…

  2. Love the composition of the Big Brother shot. Also love the froth and bubble in “Bodysurfing”. Can almost smell the salt.

  3. uge
    hello. hows heven. I know, I probably can’t spell. Anyhow. I’m getting cast out of the west hollywood library in los angeles california in like three muinetes. so hello, hope you and yours is good.

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