Blake Thornton @ Bondi 7:30am - ripping


Hey there. Bondi loves these days. A wiff of dead south swell and we have a little peak on a couple of sand banks. It’s small and long period swell, translating to infrequent waves, but when they roll in, you may get one around shoulder high. Could take 15 – 20 minutes though, but it’s a nice day to be outside…so go have a look.

I love the Olympics. Not only do you get to see the Jamaican Badminton team fight it out but camera manufacturers release new models. Today’s shots are from the brand spakin’ new Canon EOS1dX. For the geeks… you can get around 14 frames per second out of that puppy. Dang!

Rain coming tomorrow…

Swell coming Friday but onshore this weekend.

Adios :: Ugios

Bondi 7:30am, Jono gettin' critical


Andy, this guy surfs more than any other human. 100%

Middles, Bondi, Speedie

Blake Thornton blowing the tail end out

Bondi Icebergs 7:43am pop

12 thoughts on “1dx

  1. great shots as usual, thanks

    In the last shot is were you working to Uge time with your 7.43am tag or is the Bondi Iceburgs
    clock wrong (7.27am)

    1. Hey KB, very clever! You should be on CSI. well done buddy. Sorry, my camera clock must of been set wrong (new camera) thanks for that uge

  2. 14fps, what a beast!

    Awesome shots. And +1 on the Ben Howard album, i have had that thing on repeat for 4 months, it’s ace.

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