Bondi 7:30am, Brett Anderson from Roscoe Street


The claws of winter were digging deep this morning. I got down the beach in the dark and it was bitterly cold. My phone said it hit 2 degrees this morning (my phone seems to know everything). That wind was icy and cut through the layers.

Good lil’ bank down at Bondi for surfing. The current small south swell loves it (S 180 degrees). All-star cast paddled out for the early… the threat of an incoming south storm got everyone out in the waist to shoulder high conditions.


There’s a guy in Bondi who always accosts me on the street to write about his photography competition. He’s a nice guy, passionate photographer and window cleaner. I checked out his comp site last night and was impressed with the entries…really impressed. Then I read you have to be a non-pro to enter and I was even more impressed again. Wow. I see so many of you shooting pics down the beach, try entering the Shutterbug Awards (entries close 31st August 2012). So there you go Marc, Shutterbug up in the big lights…I’ll have a flat white please!

3D surfing

Last night I also watched the preview to Storm Surfers 3D featuring Tommy Carroll, Ross Clarke Jones and Benny Matson. That’s right, a 3-D surfing film. Ground breaking stuff. Some of the shots make you feel like you’re surfing 20 footers with Ross. Highly recommended…but…you gotta go to the cinema for the full 3D experience. Get Tix

Now, after you’ve done the above two items, just buy yourself the new Ben Howard Album and we will be best mates forever.

:: uge

Most people that ran across the cold sand had a facial like this

The bank throws out a decent left

I am guessing she's not from around here...Iceland maybe

Australian Alaia champ Barney sliding

Sam McIntosh and a close out

I'm sure Wal's doctor said no surfing

11 thoughts on “Vicious

      1. Yeah Lawrence! Have you got any idea of the cost of a coffee in Bondi? I’m going to have to take out a second mortgage to pay Uge’s fee…

  1. Geez the 2nd pic looks like he carved up his dining table or tore up some of his flooring to make a board. Hope the partner does not notice 🙂

  2. Hey Uge…Thanks heaps for the plug for The Shutterbug Awards. We are going to have a huge year! I do wish you hadn’t mentioned I was a window cleaner though. Now I’ll have people hassling me on the streets to clean their windows. You have any idea how annoying that is?? LOL!

  3. Love your work uge … I live on the harbour with loads of glass frontage Shutterbug Marc man. Want my address?
    Enjoy the flat white Uge… You are the best x

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