Big fella, Steve Alderman throwing out some morning heat

Bondi Babble

A new batch of south swell is slowing starting to trickle in…she’s a little junkie (short period) and winds are icy SW (right off the mountains down south).

On dark tonight it should be over head high. Tomorrow bigger and Sunday the biggest. Strong southerly winds are forecasted for a few days, so you will need to surf somewhere over the weekend that is protected from the wind. Looks big enough to wrap into joints like Manly on Sunday. The best day in the near future is going to be Tuesday with lighter winds and mid-range south swell.

Had dinner at The Hill Eatery last night, the new joint at North Bondi (39-53 Campbell Parade). The beef fillet is amazing. Take the lady friend and support local businesses please.

The Aquabumps Gallery is open all weekend 10-6pm. Hope to see you down here. I’m loving the clean winter light at the moment…so rich.

Later :: uge

Who needs wetties, go for a swim

Man grommets - Will Whitaker + Andy Liggins

Joe Dirt, insider

Bank Restructure

Backhand attack - Bondi circa 8am

My new friend, Bronte, never misses a day. Cool trackie.

3 thoughts on “Bondi Babble

  1. that is an awesome freaking shoot again!!!
    all pictures are great and seem to be a new perspective.. that’s quite an accomplishment after years of shooting the same place.
    keep up the magic uge

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