Winki, last week, gold


I’ve been down the beach 3 times this morning to get the shots. Blanket rain over Sydney made those missions a little difficult. I could see semi-clean waves from the car park at Bondi. Perhaps shoulder high with the odd head high set. No one around. Wind looks to be coming from the North – which is good. Tomorrow should be fun.

All this rain got me thinking about Victoria and my little trip to Bells last week. Here’s a few shots that didn’t make it onto the site. Love the light angle down there in the morning. Gold.

A lot of good surfers come from Port Macquarie up on the North Coast of NSW. Usually that means good waves are to be found up there. Well, the Australian Surf Festival kicks off up there on Saturday 11th August and runs until the 25th August (2 weeks). I’ll be heading up there for a few days, check it out.

:: uge

PS – Out the back of the Aquabumps Gallery is a 80 sqm hot desk farm. 1 office desk is up for grabs, $160 per week, work right on the beach and next to a hot gallery – contact us

God's Country

Fresh Latte with extra froth please

Heading out at Bells

The long walls of Winki last week

Winki at sunrise

The burnt hues of Winkipop early morning last week

11 thoughts on “Bathe

  1. The sun looks great in photos but it’s a bugger to surf towards. Early morning mid-winter it’s right in your eyes reflecting off the face making it hard to set up some turns. Great pics tho!

  2. I love the fresh latte extra frothe of today!
    from a Swedish admirer of your pictures – and Australia.

  3. I’ve come back to these shots three times and counting Uge – you’re on fire. Composition is perfect. Simple, empty, profound.

    (Re. latte – one sugar thanks)

  4. Hey Uge,

    Bit of a geek question (Aquabumps has inspired us to taking a photography course), but on the Frothy Latte shot, do you ‘meter’ with such shots, and moreover in this instance (close/fast moving), how?

    As always, lovin’ your work.

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