Green Bondi tube, 7am


It’s still microscopically small and dead calm.

The sun was out and warm, but the wind was icy and offshore.

The crowds were non-existent and there’s a shallow, good bank in the south. Just nothing to break on it.

Calm conditions will dominate over the weekend – but it will be cold.

Don’t forget its Father’s Day on Sunday September 2nd and I reckon he’d like something from our gallery, a book perhaps? Maybe a print of Bondi or a Broome wave.

Seeyouse:: uge

The world's smallest close out

Rare green wall to slide on

Dead calm conditions, pity there is no swell


Campbell Parade bus stop glare

Soon my little mate Jet will be able to carry the camera bags...soon...

6 thoughts on “Mini

  1. *swoons* Uge, you make me so happy. Thanks for your energizing, refreshing photos. I love “smallest close out” … makes me want to pack up and head to the beach. now.

  2. Uge,
    I’m sitting in ABC Carpet & Home in Manhattan, NY and their store is just screaming for your work.
    Contact them!!! You guys would be a good team.
    BTW our huge Bondi shot looks great in our home and makes me homesick in a good way every time I look at it.

  3. Great shots this morning. I hear it was mighty cold out there today but spring is coming.

    Totally random question, Uge: who did the kitchen and built ins at your old flat in the Breakers? We had a look round when you were selling it and I’d like to get the same done at our new pad.

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