The beach is calling your name...


Didn’t you get the memo? Today’s a beach day…100%.

As I write this I see it has hit 28 degrees. Ok, there is a possibility of a thunderstorm later, but right now, oh boy, it’s a perfect day to get your towel out and go for an invigorating swim. The water is still cold.

Surf is pretty close to flat with a random half hourly bump. The charts show a slight increase tomorrow, but it is marginal.

Which beach you going to?

:: uge

PS  – and of course you will be wearing your new Aquabumps/Speedo boardies and swimmers.

Brian turns 72 today. Runs 4km soft sand daily. Hats off to you buddy.

Freak set wave on the hour...Bondi

Whacky tracks

Tamarama just a second ago...

T-Gee wins gold for Australia. Photo finish

Bondi south corner hues

10 thoughts on “Memo

  1. Hey uge, im a 13 year old local kid at bondi and im just starting to take photos of me and my mates on my friends camera. its a go pro. I’ve been saving up and im looking for my own camera to buy. my price range is around $300. Any recommendations of a waterproof camera?

    1. Sadly bud, you won’t get much for $300. I reckon start off with the disposables…I did. waterproof ones. Go pro is good too. really good. get a go pro on a stick

    2. Hey Ollie, Uge is right, there’s not a lot out there for that sort of money. I’m from the UK and bought a Nikon AW100 waterproof compact last year. In short, I can’t fault it. It doesn’t really compare to an SLR with a water housing but for the money it’s excellent. It was £300 which works out at about $450. Not sure if you can get them in Australia though but if you can, once you’ve grown out of disposables, save up and get yourself one!

  2. I am sure there are cheaper options out there kiddo – it’s just they are not Uge’s sponsors/advertisers – it’s a big bad world

    1. That quite simply is rubbish. I am telling the kid to get a go pro…that is not one of my sponsors. and I don’t have a water housing sponsor.

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