National RUOK? day...shot from the bird on a early flight


How are you? Are you ok?

Today is national RUOK? Day.

RUOK? Foundation aims to prevent isolation by empowering people to support each other through life’s ups and downs.

I’m pretty good at the moment…been surfing most days with all this swell – thanks for asking.

It was an early chopper flight over Bondi this morning to shoot the 1st picture. 550 crew formed the letters on the beach. Thanks for being so patient as we did a few passes.

It’s no surprise that ‘the left’ is still working, even if the swell has halved, or even quartered. The beach was rammed before I ever got down there. Amazing sunrise.

Have a good day :: uge

How good was the sunrise today?

The wonder left, looking magnificent from the chopper this morning

Bronte's JJ, the king of fades

Surfer and some zombies. Def. not ok.

Paddlers from the bird

550 people made up RUOK? this morning at Bondi

6 thoughts on “RUOK?

  1. Funny you should mention that Dee. It hasn’t been a great week in fact. I was sitting down there for an hour or so before 6 this morning with lots of excited people running about with RUOK t-shirts and coffees and cameras.

    Nobody asked me if I was ok.

    It makes you wonder if the organisers and participants practice what the preach and all that.

    1. Mate, it’s just backpackers and PR people who are there for the location and something to tell there friends on facebook about, and just hand out….oh and the free gear, I bet half of them had no idea what the event was about about or the deeping meaning.

      Anyway…are you ok mate?

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