5 percent

95% of the year Bondi is closing out.
I guess we’re in the 5%.

I’ll let the pictures do all the talking and save my dribble for another day.

If you enjoy surfing and like the waves of today, book a trip on Tengirri to the Mentawai Islands. Now is the time to get sorted for next year. I already have my 2013 trip. Tengirri also have a fancy new website…the owner said I’ll get the best cabin on the boat if I mention that.

Adios :: ugios

The chunk. Surfer Ian Wallace

6:20am, Bondi - the lefts

Rare, 3 lining up

Good morning Bondi

In the hole

Wal, hiding behind the curtain

6 thoughts on “5 percent

  1. Stunning photos today Uge. I once saw you at the beach riding your bike. i was very exited. i am very interested in photography and i always check you website

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