Breathtaking...not really how I'd describe today...


Obviously I’m a better photographer than horse punter. Sorry about yesterday’s bad tip. Thanks for all the abusive sms’s. Hope ya didn’t lose the house on that one.

A guy won a million dollars at the TAB next door to us in Bondi though…scoring the trifecta. I reckon it’s my neighbour as at 5:30am when I rolled out of bed he was charging on, showering himself in champers, inebriated and celebrating. He’s the new Bondi Corey (Worthington). There is a few Bondi Coreys around. Silly season is here.

To me the surf looked less than exciting at 6am. High tide 2 footers chumpin’ into Tamarama. Yawn. I shoulda gone down to the Bra which loves this NE stuff.

Rain today, tomorrow and possibly a bit on Friday.

We are currently taking xmas present orders in our Bondi Gallery. No need to leave your seat. Order online now. You can get any image printed and framed from $150. But you gotta allow 2-3 weeks.

Good bye :: uge

Never too small for Lil' Pete.

Luke actually lives on that patch of grass, showers right next door. Ocean views. Joy

Fat burgers chuggin' into Tamarama

At ease soldier

Hati Hati!

2 O'Clock

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