Cloudy start to this 27 degree day

Mount Athos

Today is the best day of the year to go surfing as the Melbourne Cup is on (no one down the beach). Shame the waves are tiny around here. It’s a NE swell, so Manly, Whaley or Maroubra would have sumpin’…like waist to chest high wind swell waves.

It is going to be 27 degrees today. Perfect for those Melbourne Cup luncheons…nothing like a bit of champers in the sun to make you dizzy.

Some random guy reckons Mount Athos is gonna win the Cup (he can see into the future). Can ya put a grand on it and we can go halves in the winnings? It’s paying 9 bucks on the nose. That’s a lot of new surfboards (and Aquabumps artworks).

Good luck punters :: uge

SUP giving it a go

Bondi 6:50am Golden bits

Miss Antarctica, early SUP

Maddy and some good paint


Charlotte surfing upside down

8 thoughts on “Mount Athos

      1. I’m a surfer never tried SUP – love my surfing but still keen to give it a go when its small – at least you can get somthing. That Girls really committed seen her out a lot and she never gets amongst surfers. Seen her actually go in and come back out with a surfboard if she wants to get some waves. Sweet with me! she’s cute it’s just the supers that think there pros and want to get amongst it that can get annoying

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