Sunrise prize, Tamarama SLSC 5:45am

Sunrise Prize

Really promising start to the week. Clear skies, good sunrise and peaky 2 footers at the Bra (NE swell). Just looked at the weather forecast – 27 and perfectly sunny today. Nice. Hope the office cubicle has a window.

It is going to rain Thursday and Friday this week – so drop tools and hit the beach…now.

Christmas @ the Aquabumps Gallery

Can you believe it’s November already? Where did the year go? Christmas is next month and if you want to get presents from the gallery you’ll need to get sorted. See all our artworks are custom made, one by one in Australia. We can ship our artworks anywhere in the world – but you have to allow plenty of time at this busy time of year. Have a look at this page on our website explaining the deadlines for orders. In a nut shell it takes 3-4 weeks to get something made – so we need local orders completed by the end of this month. Read more and be organised this Xmas. Go here to order online right now.

At ease :: uge

P.S. Aquabumps won the Blackberry SurfAid Cup – hoot hoot! Thanks to Grigga, Ritchie Lovett, Mark Eymes and Peebee for making us look good. (Photo: Murray Fraser)

Blake Thornton, not known for airs but throwing the heat today

Maroubra 6:20am, peaky little hollows on low tide

Blake & the rooster

Miss Antarctica heading around to Bondi from Tamarama

Pop! Blake Thornton

Bird man

Don't ya know it, best time of day, Tamarama path 5:50am

2 thoughts on “Sunrise Prize

  1. I’ve spent the last hour gazing over your images…all I want to do is get to the beach – thanks for capturing both the beauty of the ocean and the sun coming up. Great range love the Bird Man and the girl out in the middle of the ocean paddleboarding…then you have all the surfers. It’s amazing what people do when everyone else is sleeping. Keep up the good work! love the captions!

  2. I was just on the phone to Getty Images discussing some of my work. I’d released a shot from my visit to Bondi and we were discussing how I made it and my contact there brought up your imagery in regards to it. Have to say that I love what you do, in particular the lighting of the compositions is amazing. You have this special ability to invoke the vintage yet somehow keep a modern edge to your work. Impressive stuff !

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