Blake Thornton, fin burner


Been a lot of NE swell this week. No good around Bondi. Rolled down to Maroubra for a shoot in the drink…that place loves this direction of swell.

There’s a terrific bank down there, super shallow close in then dramatically dropping off out to sea. Perfect bottom contour to put on some hollow wedges.

Today is the last of the NE swell, tomorrow a new, small south swell will arrive.

Possible thunderstorms today and 27. A cold weekend coming.

Until tomorrow…::uge

The out back

Judd jamming in the pocket, Maroubra 8:00am

Maroubra 7:00am, ribs

Lip follow, Blake

Blake, open face carve

Lip bouncer

8 thoughts on “Wedgey

  1. i agree – why advetise a great bank ??? reward the locals who get up early and put in the effort . Btw, I hear Bondi banks are all time ….

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