Dear Prince Charles, bring your big board buddy - it's small

Royal Visit

The Royals are coming to Bondi today.

I told Prince Charlie that the waves aren’t that great today, only knee to waist high and very weak. Told him to bring his big board down – like a log – oh and a wettie as the water is freezing. Nice day though – cracker…as we look at 25 degrees today before a thunderstorm. (could be a big storm)

A large part of the beach is also roped off for the Prince, so he can work on his base tan in peace. Maybe a bit of bat’n’ball in the old thong.

Oh and our gallery is open all weekend as usual, 10am to 6pm for your Christmas orders. Remember, artworks take 2-3 weeks for us to hand make – so get onto it!

Laters :: uge

PS – do you know Komune Resort has opened up in Bali on the epic right, Keramas?

Downward Dude

John Adams, wrangled a wave on his own

Bondi 8am - swim

See...Luke Wilson actually does surf, sometimes.

Some guy going for a swim


12 thoughts on “Royal Visit

  1. Hey Uge,
    have you been using that photoshop tool again for the “fit” pic?
    Theres looks to be a suspicious spray of sand in mid air between fit lady and
    the papa smurf mural?
    Did you erase a “not so fit” running buddy?
    I’m so jealous of ur work!!
    Mossy 🙂

      1. noted…i forgot we have time different 🙂 i’m in jakarta…thank you for replying uge…have a blast weekend…

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