Icebergs, 7am today - laps


It’s quite the ugly day outside. I’m digging deep to give you the positive spin.

My new garden is loving the rain but the boards are tucked up snug in the board bags.

Waves are ankle to knee high and junk. Worst I’ve seen in weeks.

Swell is coming though. Next Tuesday looks BIG.

Hard to believe Christmas is only 6 weeks away. If you want to buy presents from our gallery you’ll need to allow 3 weeks for local orders and if you’re sitting in London you will need to order this week! Gallery open all weekend 10am to 6pm. Buy online

See you soon, : : u g e

George on wave of the day

Real bad.

Bondi Icebergs 7am, Neil

Not today, but a nice one

Not today either, but still a nice one

Foam swimmer

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