Bondi 7am Onshore and really, really mushy

Locals Only

Yesterday was quite an amazing day to go surfing.

Today tis not so good. It’s horrendously onshore and overcast.

Instead of shooting onshore slop I opted to point my lens at the people I see down there, every day. There are hundreds that get up at sunrise and do their thing. Here is a few.

Adios :: uge

Miss Antarctica Charlotte Piho

Luke Daniels, local lifeguard (now tv celeb)

Garry Beath, bodysurfer in the middle for 20 years (he reckons)

Jamie Verco once said "My Aquabumps idea ain't gonna work" circa 1998

Don't know her name, but she has great eyes that see all

I agree, just for today

Happiest little fella in Bondi, my son, Jet. Been down Bondi every day of his life.

30 thoughts on “Locals Only

  1. This link got forwarded to my inbox at work…I’m a fan of Luke’s…and now yours. Funny I saw that girl on TV the other day paddleboarding too – great energy about her! and your son what a cutie. What beautiful shots – made my morning too. Thankyou for Luke

  2. Ms. Piho…………….your session made you happy…………that’s how it’s suppose to be……….hope to see you in the future. I’m on Facebook too.

  3. I see this email at the start of my day, every day – but todays shots were just exquisite. They made me smile so much, with such a damp and grey morning in London, just looking at Jets smile has made the sun come out in my world.

  4. great pic’s Jet is awsome and lovely to see the gorgeous Lukie D when i opened up my email, thanx made my day xx

  5. Beautiful Girl in a bikini, luke D the lifeguard and your little man holding his hand out to touch the rain…had the worse day and now I can’t stop smiling. Thanks for capturing the beauty of happiness – I’m setting my alarm I want to be amongst these people .

  6. Love the pics every day, but your pics sure put a smile on my face today. How lucky is Jet to have such a talented Dad who can capture that energy in such a gorgeous pic!

  7. What a lovely happy looking boy Jet is, he just reminds me of my two lovely grandsons I have in Bondi
    I look forward so much to looking at your beautiful photo’s as I’m living in Ireland and my daughter and family are
    living in Bondi , the photo’s just bring me closer to them. I also have your book and a few pictures on my
    wall. Keep up the beautiful work.


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