Lifeguard tower at Sunrise


It’s a little small yet surfable this morning. Remnants of a couple swells are putting on the odd shoulder high wave at Bondi.

The sun is trying to fight its way through scattered clouds as it heats up to a mild 23 degrees.

The onshore SE winds will swing around to the NE later today – that will clean up the conditions.

No significant swells on the radar for a week which is pretty typical of summer.

Christmas orders in our gallery are in full swing. Xmas is only 1 month away. If you’re overseas and want some of our artworks or books – you need to kick start into gear as it takes time to hand craft artworks and send them around the globe. Or perhaps go for a Gift Card (easy!)

Seeya :: uge

Wait long enough and you could ride a shoulder high beauty like this

Where to now Charlotte?

Bondi 6am, heading out in the morning light.


Right hander with a little pocket

Gez MW Blake

6 thoughts on “Crossover

  1. After all the years I’ve been surfing Bondi this is the first time I’ve ever made it onto the Aquabumps site. So chuffed!! :)) Heading to the gallery tomorrow to buy a print! 🙂

    1. yeah dont you dare critisiise something thats put into a public forum Barry. This is for team fantastic bondi lifestylers only!

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