Great start to the day, Bondi Beach 6:00am


Just like we talked about yesterday a new swell has arrived…LIKE!

It’s 4-5 foot and breaking pretty straight at Bondi. I’m not complaining as this is the biggest it’s been in weeks. I would go find another beach with sand banks or a chunk of reef though. Bondi just ain’t cutting it.

I hope you got down there early, as the wind will blow SE 15 knots later. That will put a dampener on things.

The weather on Saturday is looking fantastic. Beach day for sure.

If you’d like a hand crafted, made to order, Aquabumps artwork for Xmas, this Sunday, 9th Dec midnight is our cut off for new orders. Best come into the Aquabumps Gallery or order online now to be safe. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026 telephone 9130 7788

Seeya :: uge

Backlit precise incision

Nice day hey? Bondi 6:00am


Wild men

Flying fish

Head high and bigger on sets

Roundie in morning baked light

6 thoughts on “Straighty180

  1. Out for surf this morning and can’t believe all these guys still wearing wetsuits like its the middle of winter come on man up!

    1. Big ones closing out yesterday….(no shots).

      Yeah, maybe called it big (to many coffees). Sorry for the inconvenience. Def. 3-4 foot yesterday.

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