Old board, new swell. Bondi 6:00amBUY


It was good to see a little bump in swell this morning. Finally the small wave days have come to an end. (for a little while)

It was waist to chest high this morning down at Bondi. The swell is from the south, so we’d be seeing the best of it here in Bondi.

It is going to get bigger today…

Tomorrow a large swell will hit. You should see waves in the 4 – 6 foot range. Hoot hoot! I haven’t surfed in ages.

Layla, one of our employees has left the Aquabumps nest to start her own beach towel range called Tribal Friday (obviously using her incredible business acumen acquired at Aquabumps). I used one of her brightly printed towels this morning and they’re great! Well done Layla. Good xmas pressie idea. Order Online

:: uge





Off the topBUY

Girls paddling out, Bondi 6:20amBUY

Lefts in the middle of the beachBUY

Bondi 6:00am, heading out for the earlyBUY

6 thoughts on “Incoming

  1. Hi Uge,

    Haven’t enjoyed your pics that much in a long time (especially Old board and fluffy)! He’s back!

    Thx mate


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