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Water People

I had a really good time shooting these ten photos down at Bondi Beach this morning. I hope it shows.

The water was immaculate, warm and clear. The sun was out baking without a cloud of hindrance in the sky. Wind – there was none. Waves – none of those either. Well I guess I few knee cappers.

It’s days like these that are torturous to be working 200 metres from the water’s edge. I’m glad I got up early for a 1 hour swim already. I do love my job.

Today’s focus is on the people who love the ocean from 19 month old Jet to Henry Crouch – the people that are down there daily that I see on my morning travels. These are happy people.

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See you later :: uge

Happy Birthday Daniela

Henry Crouch, swims daily, rescued twice a week

Amber and Arlen

Tip of the iceberg


Keiron Lewis

Morning bay swimmers

Hold tight little Koala Jet

11 thoughts on “Water People

  1. Hi Eug,

    firstly let me say if theres one email I always look at every morning its yours, always “always” first class images, great stuff.

    However, I have noticed over the last two days, the foreground blur you have been adding has a rather crisp edge and is somewhat noticable, I only noticed yesterday in the first shot and the shot of Little Sam…and a few again today…just wanted to make you aware of what I see as a viewer of all things photographic.

    Cheers mate

    1. i agree. here’s my 2 cents:
      Blurring works very fine in general and i love the Phil picture for instance. But on Amber and Arlen, the difference are so crisp, it looks too photoshoped, to the point Arlen’s face looks like it was copy/pasted there on top of the landscape.

  2. Amazing! I grew up at the beach (Coffs Harbour) and miss it daily.

    Living in the Inner West means I very rarely get to head down (damn city life!) so I thoroughly enjoy your photographs daily. You have such an amazing eye for capturing all the ocean has to offer!

  3. “Hold tight little Koala Jet”

    wow.. amazing pic that one. What a cute baby!
    Don’t know if the kid’s ever gonna be as good as the dad behind the camera, but he sure is amazing in front of it!!

  4. Ur photos are so inspiring. Truly capture the moment. Agree Riccardo.!!!! PS…. Is little Jet the cutest baby on the planet or wht. Aside from mine of course 🙂

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