Bondi 7:30am, fatty rights in the corner


Today the tide was in early and porking up anything moving out there. Knee to chest high waves were fat as…

Nice day, 27 degrees and a typical summer north wind pattern. Hit the beach.

The Pipeline Masters is on hold today, but the swell and tension is building. This is a big one. Parko Vs Kelly for the title. C’mon Parko. I reckon it will be on tomorrow morning early our time in 6-8 foot – let’s hope she’s clean and lining up. We want a good, clean fight…

We have plenty of stuff for Xmas gifts at Aquabumps. We even have a pop up store at Westfield Bondi Junction where you can buy books’n’blocks’n’stuff. Or come for a swim at the beach and visit us Aquabumps Gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026 Telephone 9130 7788. Buy a book online now, get it Monday (if in Australia and next day post zone)

Seeya, :: u g e

9 year old Grayson out ripping Bondi shorey today (head high for this tacker)


Wishful thinking, Sam

Mals out the back

Shorey trimmings

Go for a swim today, it is going to be 27 degrees

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