Bondi 8am, it's compulsory to go for a swim today.


We’re in for a feast of good weather…

Here are the vital stats for this fine day. 27 degrees, 21 degree water, Northerly winds 10 knots now, 20 knots later. Surf : knee to waist high (not great), High tide 1:30pm.

Half of Europe has moved into Bondi and the beach is packed, every day. Insanely huge crowds – Lifeguards reckon New Years Day was one of the biggest – ever. If you’re coming down for a swim pop into the Aquabumps gallery. We’re open.

So what you really want to know is when can you surf again…answer : no significant swells on the radar – just little beach bumps over the weekend. (waist to chest high)

Have a great weekend :: uge

Unsatisfied customer at Maroubra beach this morning


Will Ranken, a happy lad on his home made boards

South Maroubra - like a country beach

What's that...shark? KIDDIN

Shark bait

I reckon you can fit a few more sponsor stickers on that board

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