Early meeting, Grant


I’ll keep it short for you today…

The swell has come up a little…it’s now breaking around your waist line (but is very weak and suitable for Malibu equipment).

The swell is from the ENE so Maroubra, Tama, Bronte should have more swell, but let’s face it, it’s not pumping.

The water temperature has dropped a degree or two, this is typical when that North wind blows. Still nice though.

The weekend looks wave less…and better suited to just hanging down the beach. Gonna be a nice one.

Seeing 32,000 of you have already watched our latest video I am thinking you like it. If you haven’t, watch here

Enuf :: u g e

Yesterday lunchtime swim with unknown

Dave and Emma - sharing

Nice morning, get into it.


This is how the world looks after a few

Shaun Greenblo buried in foam on the shorey

17 thoughts on “B R I E F

  1. Hey Uge, great video but I couldnt make out what brand that awesome car was.. Can you please clarify the brand so I can go out and buy one… Again, just the brand name please as it was impossible to make out…


    1. Besides trying to perfect your style on the typical Bondi mini-mal bubble basher, where is there a problem with adding another dimension to the art of surfing by sharing the experience with your partner. Share the waves, spread the love.


      1. ha! real tandem wave riders do it in brutal, harsh environs, away from the spotlight, not in seeking glory, or attention but for the respect of their peers. only tandem surfers share the feeling.

  2. Picture this: Driving in your Range Rover, hands free talking on your mobile (Telstra) to your best mate who is drinkin a rekorderlig after an epic session surfin – you can’t wait to get back to the flat, talk about the waves and twist off the top of a peroni with your other pal Uge. Such a feel good Kodak moment – sorry, Canon moment.

    aint no such thing as a free lunch or pic 🙂

    The big question is when will we see the sponsors logos in the water? or sexy girls wearing Telstra t-shirts??? hanging out for it!

    1. HI Tilly, little confused at what your point is…

      Companies have been sponsoring surfers for decades. Ain’t it great. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to do what they love, to surf. I would love to see Telstra sponsoring women’s surfing.

      Also, it would be awesome to see non-surf companies sponsoring surfers. Look at Kolohe Andino (pro surfer), he’s sponsored by Target – how good is that. See the surf industry pays very little so it’s great to get corporate money in. Maybe one day surfing will be as lucrative at Tennis, or golf. When I was at Pipeline the other day for the Volcom pro TOTAL prize pool was a measly $100k…i mean seriously that is embarrassing for that level of surfing.

      Anyway Tilly, Hope you’re enjoying your free daily pics…isn’t it great we have such great sponsors and advertisers on Aquabumps otherwise you’d have to cough up a monthly subscription fee – either that, or I would have to go do something else…like work in the big smoke (again).

      Cheers, uge

      1. Fair enough with advertising Uge, we all gotta make a $… its just your surf trip road movie was to art what Tom Waterhouse is to sports commentary on channel 9.

        It was a pretty blatant infomercial… no probs with that… but lets not pretend its anything else.

  3. First time blogger, long time viewer!!

    I want to know where i can get that nice tie and crisp white shirt from (shot 1) !?? If only that white shirt had a sponsors logo on it! 🙂

    I love the free site and even if i had to pay i would. I agree also that contest prize pools are way to low!! Chuck more money into the sport and get it out there! The more surfers the better place the world would be!

    Pretty sure Telstra got behind the Margret River Pro last year 🙂

    I dont think anyone would turn down free beers, free car or free whatever it maybe. Maybe if you where living in the stone ages and had no use for internet, roads or you got a buzz from sucking fermenting sheep ball instead of beers!

    I couldnt think of anything better than taking a rd trip w the boys, documenting it, capturing those golden moments and having someone get behind you and allow it to happen!!! Marketing and PR raises awareness gets products out there and also in this case exhibits some great surfing, images and a tidy video clip!


  4. Good point Uge – you are absolutely right and highlighted a lot of things about the surfing ‘industry’ I didn’t know.
    And Mike thanks too! you reaffirmed what Uge was saying and further convinced me.
    Surfing is a real ‘trip’ and the best thing about corporations is you can trust them and their goals are not only profit but also altruistic! Yayyyyy plenty of waves to share for everyone!
    Peace x

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