Bondi 7:45am looking real pretty. Surfer, Luke Kennedy

Chubby Chunks

This good ole’ south swell has plenty of beef to it. She just keeps on giving. For about the 4th day in a row we’ve got size, just not quality. I saw waves around 4-6 foot this morning.

Bondi had 3 guys out in the southern corner picking off rights that looked kinda interesting. Be nice if they barreled or had some less wobble.

I’ve been out of the water for 2 weeks now and losing my mind – only probably another 4 weeks to go! I might take up drinking and sit on one of those bar stools at Ravesis, you know, the ones on the corner looking out so I can shoot my pictures of the surf whilst ordering beer. That’s if there is a spare bar stool – I see guys drinking beer there from 10am. If you seeing me doing this – slap me.

If you live around Bondi chances are that you’ve eaten dinner at Brody’s salubrious establishment “The Flying Squirrel” on Bondi Road. Well this Sunday marks the end of an era…the squirrel is running off to chase bigger nuts near the city (opening in September) under the new name of Riley’s Garage. Brody wanted me to thank all his loyal patrons over the past 7 years – Bondi has been good to him. So its probably the best time to score free drinks and food from the Fruity Canadian.

Enough ramble :: u g e


Golden pockets

Dawn chunk riding

Wanna ride that.

4 guys out, 4-6 foot, see no reason not to surf

Golden beast

10 thoughts on “Chubby Chunks

  1. hahahaha where you all at?? thought bondi was too crowded? now its pumping and 4 guys out. same story on the NB. i love winter

  2. I just can’t understand why people don’t go surfing in Sydney when its pumping! I’m from Ireland and we would drive 3 hours from Dublin to get out into 6 degree water on a snowy January day – and then spend 2 hours thawing out! I agree with billy … I love winter here!
    To many tight pants, I reckon…

    1. so, an englishman and irishman and a scotsman walked onto bondi beach, then a welshman ran past and stole all their waves…. mwa haha. Back up on prom, in an organic cafe, a couple of aussies sat sipping their flat whites, and bragging about their surf. one said “betcha nivva git waves like that in pommie land bru” …. the 4 northern souls heard this from the water, and they laughed and laughed and laughed…

    2. I think it must be because no one owns wetsuits. This might be casued by the recent financial crisis.

      I mean if the surf is this good and they did, surely they would be out there right….?

      Rejoice in the unfamiliar sight of an uncrowded Bondi line-up and enjoy it to yourself 😀

  3. “4 guys out, 4-6 foot, see no reason not to surf”

    UGe, are you confortable riding 6f waves? we dont see you much on photos so i was wondering what’s the biggest wave you ever scored? ( and if you made it out : )

  4. I’m with Aill, what is it with you wasteful northerners?! Surfs pumping and you’re checking it out online. Where I come from this is time to get out and find out what it’s really about.

  5. Truth is I rarely surf Bondi as the crowd is full of … We all know!
    As far as the East goes the only real watermen surf the Bra.

    Only a silly Paddy’s opinion though…

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