Bondi rear vision set

Ghost Town

These rainy days are hard work for me. Trying to polish the grey mundane into something interesting for you all is no easy feat. Bondi was empty like a ghost town this morning – in and out of the water. The intermittent showers seem to be keeping everyone indoors. The great news is that you can drive around Bondi and actually park your car. How cool is that?

  • Waves are 4-6 foot, but very messy
  • Wind is from the SW (strong)
  • Min. 10 Max. 16 degrees (wintery)
  • Sunrise is 6:59am as we approach the shortest day of the year

I can remember when Keramas in Bali was this hush-hush, gotta be in the know, off the beating track, perfect right hander that you accessed by scorching your feet on volcanic sand. No car park, no road in, no signs just a hell of a wave with some simple Warungs. Wow things change fast over there…resorts, night surfing, ASP comps and live streaming are what you find at Keramas now. One thing remains the same – The big K is my favourite wave on that island and it looks like the Oakley Pro Bali is hosting all the big names this week – watch

Nice curves

Bunker grinder

Nope, no humans down here...

1 swimmer in Icebergs

1 person on the beach

5 thoughts on “Ghost Town

  1. fark nailed the shots today uge.
    first photo is all tarm. thought it was tama at first.
    keep flickin’ beans and your hammy will be bagus in no time!

  2. seems like a really good time to have a problem with a hamstring.
    you’re getting to sleep in a bit
    and there is no reason to brave immersing yourself in the rush of the strong water
    because it’s cold and calm.
    hope you’re healed and strong by spring, uge.
    always love your shots!
    you may think you have nothing to shoot
    but you have a way of making “nothing” absolutely gorgeous.
    looking at your photos always make me feel like i’ve spent a few minutes
    rejuvenating by looking at vacation memories
    though i’ve never touched bondi.
    thanks for what you do.
    heal fast.

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