Waiting patiently in the nice winter sun


Today is like yesterday, just smaller.

Bondi was rarely breaking this morning. A little shorey slapping on the beach…ok, a mal wave every 10-20 mins.

It was a really nice morning down there. Still, warm(ish) and crisp.

Nothing like a morning swim to set you up for the rest of the day.

Can you believe it is going to be 23 degrees today. Wow. For August that is amazing. Even more amazing than yesterday.

Small spike in swell tomorrow arvo – until then, tap on those keyboards and make out like you’re doing some work.

: : u g e

Something curvy


Warm winter rays - too good.

Ok, maybe go body surfing.

Leave the boards at home today...

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Mini lips with glowing tips

6 thoughts on “C L E A N S E

  1. So is 23 degrees in early August ‘amazing’, or is it alarming? Coming off the back of our warmest July ever, it seems we might find out sooner rather than later about the impacts of global warming…

  2. Uge, just wondering what your preferred swell forecast site is as you are often commenting on the forecast? Thanks. Nick

    1. Combo…synoptics, coastalwatch plus, swellnet, bouyweather, wind guru, magicseaweed – and blend it all together…..and you will get an idea of what is going on

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