Nope, nothing here - wait a few hours


At 6:30am there were no waves full stop. Probably the smallest/flattest it has been in months. Wait a few hours and there is going to be a head high wave. Me no lie.

Teahupoo ASP Comp waiting period starts today. It looks a little flat there too right now. Something coming for Sunday and Monday – but you won’t see the madness of last year unfortunately. I was so keen to go this year but can’t fit it in. I miss that place – haven’t been in 8 years.

The SurfAid Cup is being held on November 1, 2013. The Aquabumps Surf Team won last year and training has begun for this year. Teams registry is NOW OPEN so gather a few colleagues and try and take us on. Download this information pack or call Jo Lynas 02 9965 7325 to enter your team. Sponsor the Aquabumps team please. We’re trying to raise $5,000 for charity.

B y e : : u g e

Dreamy golden lefts

Sand people

Ski racer

Blue boards in the North End

Nothing going on here

Girl talk

Mal cruza

Glow top, Bondi 6:45am

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